We are honoured to be the model unit of the national standard, which provides you with the latest educational services and the current technical knowledge of the world.

Technical inspection

We undertake to provide the best quality consulting services according to the standards of the world.

Level three counseling

We undertake to provide the best quality consulting services according to the standards of the world.

Proficiency and flexibility

Joosh Gostar Toos Company has always provided the most distinctive and competitive services with expertise and experience of more than two decades of activity.

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About Joosh Gostar Toos

Joosh Gostar Toos Company(Private Equity) was registered in 1999 under number 14507. This company was established due to the common concern of the founders of the company to meet the countrey’s needs in the challenges of technical inspection and quality control. Until today, Joosh Gostar Toos Company has been able to play a significant role in advancing the goals of development and expansion of construction and development in our dear countrey of Iran by implementing huge and extensive projects at the national and regional level.

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Variety of services

We offer a wide range of services in the field of technical monitoring and inspection and consulting.


Our slogan is your right to make an informed choice

Knowledge and experience

All experienced and knowledgeable specialists are present in our supervisory and technical inspection team to serve you

Honesty and transparency

There is no value for your trust, dear friends, higher than the transparency and honesty of the Joosh Gostar Toos team

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Why should you cooperate with us?

Industrial experience

Experience with all kinds of industrial parts

Brilliant team

Expert and experienced team with world-class knowledge

Creative and professional

Our art is creating unique events that are even repetitive teachings

Complex solutions

Solutions based on knowledge and experience are always the final solution to problems

100% result guarantee

No errors with the highest efficiency and the most accurate final result

5 main reasons for choosing Joosh Gostar Toos company

Wide and different services in the field of technical supervision and inspection and management
A history of two decades of efficient and brilliant service
Respect, honesty and transparency
Dominant and based on world knowledge
Expert, experienced and knowledgeable team

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Clients, Colleagues and Employers

Map of central office of Joosh Gostar Toos

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